Psalm 86

A brief reflection on Psalm 86- a prayer of David.


A number of lessons can be seen in this Psalm regarding how to pray and how to make a case before our creator when we are troubled and needy.  I will cut to the chase on the main observation I took from this psalm…


Read the psalm with this consideration: David’s life is in danger.  Ruthless men who do not fear the Lord are after him.  Yet, what is his prayer?  Does David open with a plea for deliverance from his circumstances?  Nope.


Notice that David comes to God acknowledging his need and his poverty in spirit.  He is confessing his weak and troubled heart.  He is first asking that God “gladden” his soul.  He asks God to teach him before he asks God to deliver him from the enemy.  He confesses that his heart is not united in fear of God but that he must be divided in some way and valuing something else…like security and safety and comfort maybe.


David’s plea to God if for his heart to be made right and to be joyful and reliant on God.  Then in verse 12 we see that David, in the course of his worship and adoration of God and his pleading for is heart, receives an answer.  God lifts his spirit and David rejoices and thanks God and only then does he move on to ask for deliverance from his circumstances.  Only then does he lay out the troubles he is facing.


Let us be like King David, a man after God’s own heart, and let us hunger for God when we are in trouble.   Let us seek to connect with our King and to have a right heart before him when we face difficulty.  Let us come to him seeking to know him and to be known by him before we ask for deliverance from a situation.  The situation will look entirely different when we are right with our God.


Teach us this O Lord and be praised in our hearts and minds-


Soli Deo Gloria!