“Fit and Faithful for Service in the Gospel” Sermon Response

Fit and Faithful for Service in the Gospel

Today Pastor David preached from Matthew 5:13-16 and he asked us if our Christianity made a difference when we leave the building each Sunday. go to the sermon

See it Clearly

The main points of the message were related to Christ’s calling upon us as the light of the world.

  1. Christ has appointed us to be an effective influence in the culture for the Gospel.
  2. Christ has appointed us to be bearers of the good news of the Gospel.
  3. Christ has commanded us to holy living that leads others to magnify God.

Understand it Truly

Effective Influence

We can only be an effective influence upon this world if we understand our purpose and if we live engaged in this purpose.  God has created us for his glory (Is 43:7) and it is for this purpose that we have breath (Ps 150:6).  Pastor David said that un-salty saints are useless.  This is because he has given us a great commission and we damage this mission if our lives are not a picture of thirsting for God.  Adding to the qualities of salt in the metaphor, I offer that salt will cause thirst as the water is drawn in to absorb the salt.  The believer should be one who’s life is marked by a hunger and thirst for God (Matt 5:6).  Just as we are the light by our union with Jesus, perhaps we are also salt by this union.  Perhaps it is the tasting and knowing that the LORD is good (Ps 34:8) that should exemplify our lives and that should be an attraction to others.  Do I show Jesus to be a desirable treasure that one should thirst after or am I so drinking from the world that there is no thirsting after the LORD happening in me?

Bearers of the Good News

We shall only be bearers of the good news if our life and speech bear witness of the glory of God in his grace toward man .  Pastor David said we are to be pointers and reflectors of the light.  Imagine the light coming from a supernova somewhere in deep space and you are tasked with showing someone this amazing light that can only be seen through a telescope.  Let our lives be like telescopes that reveal the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ to those who the enemy has blinded (2 Cor 4:4) .  We add nothing to the glory of God when we magnify him and we do not make him look bigger or greater than he is, as does a magnifying glass, but we simply reveal the glory that he already and has always had!

We are to walk as children of light (Eph 5:8; 1 Thess 5:5).  We will either be salty or not and this cannot be hidden, just as a city on a hill cannot be hidden.  let us be salty and bright that we might help others to see and delight in the glory of God (Ps 70:4).  But what if I have failures and I trip up and my witness is damaged?  Do I run and hide?  Never!  Let your story of weakness and restoration be a testimony to others around you and tell of the grace of God and the real life transformation that you are experiencing in real time.  Tell them about Paul the Apostle in Romans 7:14-25 and the battle that we live each day because of indwelling sin.  Better to know the battle than to be blind and dead!  Better not to give a false hope of a perfect little life without struggles.

Holy Living to lead others to Magnify God

Jesus tells us that we are to let our lights shine before others that they may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven (Matt 5:16).  But as Pastor David pointed out, Jesus also said that we are not to do good works in order that they may be seen (Matt 6:1)!  Wow!  How do we reconcile this?  I suggest that the key is the motive and the resulting focus.

  • Am I drawing a crowd around my telescope only to show them the wonderful construction and the fine polish and telling them of the amazing capabilities of it?  In other words, am I selfishly seeking the praise of man?
  • Or am I drawing them near only to give them a look in the eye piece so that their attention and awe is upon the light in the sky rather than the telescope?  I can do a work for the purpose of the work being seen or I can do a work from a delight in the light and a desire to share it.

Notice in the Matthew 5:16 he does not say to let your work show before men…he says to let your light show!  Christ is the light!  Do my works exalt Christ or do they focus all attention upon me?

Value it Appropriately

This message is valuable, as stated by Pastor David, because my life will validate or authenticate the story that I tell.  May I live a life that thirsts for Christ and that recognizes the daily battle and that hungers for righteousness and that shows Christ to be who and what he is…my treasure.  May I focus my attention on the light and delight in my Savior each day in such a way the good works that spring form this delight might cause others to glorify God!

Feel it Fully

Let us each reflect upon our motives and drives and passions and let us pray that God would search out any evil way in us that we may indeed be salt and light.  Let us take the time this week to ponder this and to ask God to impress upon our souls the idea of being a telescope that is eager to show other the light in the sky.

Do it Joyfully

What can we do this week to put this message into action?  Is there someone we can share the Gospel with?  Can we need to repent and seek God in areas where we have been waling in darkness?  Do we need to stop polishing the telescope and focus all attention on the image in the eye piece?  Do I need to ask others for prayer that I might find greater delight in God and that I might thirst for righteousness?

Share it Compassionately

Is there someone who I can invite to church next week or who I can send this sermon reflection to?  Can I share this message with my children or other loved ones?  Let us be the cause of others giving glory to God!  Let us make others glad in God!  Let us illuminate and draw others’ attention to our great God!


Soli Deo Gloria!