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May 12 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Numbers 21; Psalms 60-61; Isaiah 10:5-34; James 4

There are a number of themes or points in James chapter 4 that each deserve careful study.  Try picking one and giving it greater thought and study.  Consider where else the NT speaks on these themes…

  1. Our sin and the battle within brings us to mistreat one another.
  2. Our desires that are not for God hurt us.
  3. We do not have what we need because we are not asking for what we need and when we do ask for something it is again for evil purpose of selfish ambition and collecting of the world.
  4. We are adulterous people by seeking the world or considering that we might please God in law keeping.  We are the bride of Christ and should not whore ourselves to the world or to a law that we were freed from to serve and be joined to another (Rom 7:4, 6).
  5. Friendship with the world is the antithesis of humble service to God and these are mutually exclusive.
  6. Process and results of surrender to God.  Draw near with repentant, humble hearts and a contrite spirit…that he may draw near and exalt.
  7. Slander and the inappropriate judging of brothers or of neighbors is a judging of the law…and is wrong.
  8. Self confidence and boasting is to be put down in favor of relying upon the goodness of God and recognizing his work with gratitude.

Soli Deo Gloria!