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May 23 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Numbers 32; Psalm 77; Isaiah 24; 1 John 2


Sometimes making a brief outline of a chapter may help us to rephrase the teaching and to consider the relationships of the statements and may instigate some reflection and further searching of the scriptures.  Here is such an outline for 1 John 2 from today…

  1. Do not sin. (v1)
  2. Christ is our advocate (representative) and our propitiation (peacemaker) when we (all believers, not just Jews) do sin. (v1-2)
  3. Those who know him long to keep his commands from an obedience of faith…a love for our king. (v3-6)
  4. If Christ is in you, you will love your brothers…we are one body (v7-11)
  5. Spiritual teaching from youth to the end of life (v12-14)
    1. Milk for children is knowing the Father loves them and has forgiven them… and not based on their own merit
    2. Strength for life and growth is abiding in the Word and standing firm in holiness
    3. The end state of fathers is resting in the knowledge of God and his redemption, planned from the beginning, that came from the Father, was accomplished by the Son, and was applied by the Spirit.  I am thinking a big picture understanding of where we fit in God’s grand story.
  6. The child of God cannot love the world, rather he does the will of God (v15-17)
    1. True children remain and false are exposed in time…enter by the gate! (v18-19)
  7. The Father and Son are one and the Son cannot be denied (trinity) without denying the Father (v20-23)
    1. Abide in the Father and in the Son for eternal life (v24-25)
  8. You have what you need in his Word and you need no teacher to tell you other than what has been revealed (v26-27)
  9. Children…abide and grow strong that you will not shrink back and that you will have no reason for shame at his coming…for his children practice righteousness. (v28-29)

Soli Deo Gloria!