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June 9 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Deuteronomy 13-14; Psalm 99-101; Isaiah 41; Revelation 11

“14 Fear not, you worm Jacob, you men of Israel! I am the one who helps you, declares the LORD; your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.” (Isaiah 41:14, ESV)

Let us remember that we are worms, saved by amazing grace!  It is the strength of the LORD that has saved us, is saving us, and will save us.  We need not fear our weaknesses and failures.  We do not redeem ourselves in our most holy moments…it is the LORD that saves.  May we not rely on our own fickle righteousness, for Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to all who believe!  He is the one that helps us.  Our successes in renouncing ungodliness come from his gracious hand and we shall offer him praise for the mighty work he is doing within us.


Soli Deo Gloria!