August 1 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Judges 15; Acts 19; Jeremiah 28; Mark 14


In Mark 14 we hear Peter and the other disciples declaring that they would die with Jesus before they would deny him (Mark 14:31).  And of course we must die with Christ if we are to have life with him (Rom 6:3-11; Gal 2:20; Col 3:1-4), but this union in death with Christ represents not only a receiving of and a surrendering to him, but it represents a denial of ourselves (Luke 9:23), even daily.  Peter learned that he had the capacity to deny Jesus in preference of self preservation (Mark 14:71-72).  He forgot the lesson of his master that was to save his life by losing it (Mark 8:35).  Peter wept bitterly that morning and I imagine that the fire could not warm the depth of the chill that ran through his soul (Mark 14:66-67).

I cannot serve two masters and I cannot befriend the world if I love my King.   So this morning, and every morning as the rooster crows, I wonder…

Who am I denying today?  Will it be Jesus or myself?


Soli Deo Gloria?