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August 13 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

1 Samuel 3; Romans 3; Jeremiah 41; Psalm 17

Today in Romans chapter 3 Paul gets to the heart of the Gospel and he presents God’s solution to the mutual problem of our sin and his choice to show us mercy.  In the first, our problem is that justice would result in our death and condemnation.  In the second, his problem is that he has already dealt mercifully with us and so his righteousness is in question.  This is because it is not justice to let the guilty go and it is not faithful to himself to not pour his holy wrath upon the guilty as he has promised to do.  This chapter is about our lack of righteousness and God’s mighty provision of righteousness for us such that we can be justified in Christ and have only our great God to thank.

Among the many high precipices that are in this text I will simply focus in the exclusivity of this righteousness and the justification that God gives to mankind.  Here in this text I see the fall of every other religion in the world and the exaltation of the name of Jesus.  Here we see that God’s solution to the universal problem of mankind being guilty in Adam is the death and condemnation of the second Adam.  There is one way, one name given under heaven by which we must be saved!  God’s wrath was poured upon only one man in full measure as a substitute.  God was propitiated (brought into a state of favor toward us) by only one sacrifice.  We are redeemed by the blood of only one man.

There are no other paths or other systems that will reconcile us with a holy and righteous and just God who hates the wicked and is at enmity with sinners.  We are not at peace with God, but we are enemies until we are united to Christ by faith and know the application of this redemption.  To know God is to understand the fear of the LORD.  We must know the propitiation by the blood of the lamb or we remain under the wrath of God.  One man carried my sin and his name is Jesus of Nazareth and there is no other who can help me.    God justifies those who have faith in his Son alone.

On the cross the justice and mercy of God meet and we see his righteousness vindicated and his unwavering faithfulness to his holiness as well as to his promise.  Jesus is supremely exalted and we are forever humbled…there is no boasting.  The mystery of the long ages is gloriously revealed here in the scripture and we now know how God has for so long endured unfaithfulness and sin.  The promised offspring on that cross was in view from the beginning.  He will be in view for all eternity and he is now understood to be the center-piece of God’s great universe.  Salvation to saints of all ages is found in this promised offspring.  Trust in God’s deliverance of his people by this particular offspring unites us to Jesus, who crushes the head of the serpent.

The Son of God upon his merciful cross declares the righteousness and justice of God and the Holy Spirit reveals to us that this tree upon the mount outside of Jerusalem is the center of the universe and the focus of the ages and the fullness of time.  Holy Holy Holy is the LORD God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!  All praises to the King!

Soli Deo Gloria!