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August 28 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

1 Samuel 20; 1 Corinthians 2; Lamentations 5; Psalm 36


Paul did not seek that the Corinthians (or our) trust in God stem from his fancy explanations or their keen understanding of all things God.  Rather, he seeks to allow the power of God to convince them (and us), and this is by his Spirit.  He goes on to explain that the holy Spirit does not rely upon earthly wisdom but he imparts the hidden wisdom of God that can only be perceived properly by those who have the Spirit of God…those who are in Christ.  He makes the point that none can search and know God but his own Spirit and thus it is an amazing thing that the Spirit of God resides in the believer and he has access to the very knowledge of God!

Two things this teaching can mean to me as I hit the door to head out into the world today…

1.  I can receive wisdom and knowledge of God directly from his Word thanks to the Spirit of God at work in me and I do not need to rely merely on pastors or others to be fed and to grow in the knowledge of God…this would be a mistake and a sad loss of what should be a growing spiritual maturity in my communion with God.

2.  I can rest assured that my convincing argument against evolution or regarding the latest political hot topic or my defense of the Bible or whatever smoke may arise to cloud the Gospel message is not going to be the clincher.  It is not my wisdom or knowledge that will convince someone into belief, but it is the power of God at work by his Spirit.  This means that I can share my testimony and scripture with full confidence that God can and does use this to effect heart transformation and new birth.  My confidence need not rest in my exhaustive knowledge of all things but in God’s inexhaustible authority and power and wisdom and goodness.

Indeed it depends not upon man’s doing, but on God’s!

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Soli Deo Gloria!