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September 28 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

2 Samuel 24; Galatians 4; Ezekiel 31; Psalm 79


What does my devotion to Christ cost me?  Does my worship and the “offering” of my life to Jesus cost me much?  In his repentance and desire to honor the LORD, King David refused to accept a gift from Araunah in today’s reading in 2 Samuel because he did not want to offer a sacrifice to God that did not cost him anything.  Do I sometimes offer to God what is convenient and low-cost or do I give him my first fruits and the best I have to offer even at great cost?  Remember that what he wants is my heart, my devotion, my love.  David made the contrite intention of his heart clear in his sacrifice.

Am I disciplined in my spirituality and in my hunger for Jesus or do I float?  May we learn a lesson from King David and may we refuse to give Jesus something cheap.  May we bring the choice offering that cost us everything we own, because this is what he has given us.  Jesus gave his life and he accepted the wrath of God in my place.  Now I am a friend of God, no longer an enemy, and I am welcomed into communion with him…how much will I invest in this communion with my God?

Let us give it all.


Soli Deo Gloria!