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October 14 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

1 Kings 17; Colossians 4; Ezekiel 47; Psalm 103


Paul picks up where he left us yesterday and he adds to his teaching on how to put on the new self. His addition to letting the word of Christ dwell richly in us is watchful and thankful prayer for one’s self and for others with a view of Gospel proclamation. See Paul’s admonition in Col 4:2-4 and how it supports Col 4:5-6. We are to be praying, with alertness, for our own opportunities to share the good news as well as others’ opportunities. We are to conduct ourselves around those who are outside of the kingdom with an eye to find the opportunity to teach them the Gospel. We are to maximize the use of our time spent in such relationships.

Here Paul blows up sleepy, careless friendships with unbelievers and calls us to purposeful engagements with the lost in order to bless them (Rom 15:2, 2 Cor 6:14). He does not envision our using unbelievers for our gain and comfort and earthly entertainment but that we would be seeking to bring them into the kingdom. We have a mystery to declare and the mystery is that non-Jews may be fellow heirs, members of the same spiritual family, and partakers of the promise to Abraham in Christ through faith in his work (Eph 3:4-6). The news is amazing as we also saw in Psalm 103 today that the LORD does not deal with us according to our sin, but because of the Gospel we are children of God who know the compassion of our great God who removes our sins in righteousness and justice (Psalm 103:10-14).

May we not walk in new life only to watch those around us march toward death as dead men walking. May we labor in our prayers and in our speech and in our conduct to commend Christ to the lost (Acts 20:32; 2 Cor 4:5-6) and to bear the responsibility of ambassadors in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:20).


Soli Deo Gloria!