Taking God at His Word


A Great Study…completed now

We have now completed this study but we are leaving this information on the site for now as a reference and we may move it to some page on recommended books soon…

On November 5th Crossroad began an 8-week  small group study on the topic of scripture.  We read Kevin DeYoung’s book titled Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is knowable, necessary, and enough, and what it means for you and me.  Each week we discussed a chapter and review the downloadable study guide attached to this post.

The group prays together and engages in dialogue regarding the topic of how God reveals himself to us in scripture and how we respond.  You will find this little book to be very readable and non-academic.  This book is perfect for either the newer believer who wants to get a good foundation or a more mature Christian who wants to make sure they have a solid grasp on the doctrine of scripture.

Taking God at His Word Study Guide


Can we trust the Bible completely?

Is it sufficient for our complicated lives?

Can we really know what it teaches?


With his characteristic wit and clarity, award-winning author Kevin DeYoung has written as accessible introduction to the Bible that answers important questions raised by Christians and non-Christians.  This book will help you understand what the Bible says about itself and the key characteristics that contribute to its lasting significance.


Avoiding technical jargon, this winsome volume will encourage you to read and believe the Bible- confident that it truly is God’s Word.


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