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2015/16 Bible Reading Plan

May being good soil be our highest resolve in 2015!

Crossroad church has embarked on a common Bible reading plan together. We are using what is know as the Carson Version of the M’Cheyne Reading Plan and it takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament & Psalms twice in two years. It consists of two readings each day; essentially two chapters with one OT and one NT chapter. You can include the readings from year two each day if you want to make it a one-year reading plan.

Our vision is that our church will begin to have ongoing discussion surrounding the word of God as we read and grow together. Below you will find resources to aid you in following this church-wide reading plan:

Get the Reading Schedule Get the Bookmarks

Devotional content following this schedule by Crossroad leadership is available on our blog under the heading “Today in the Word” or at the link below:

Today in the Word

Devotional content following this schedule by D.A. Carson is available in the PDF’s below, which were made available by the Gospel Coalition.


For the love of God vol. 1 (D.A. Carson)


For the love of God vol. 2 (D.A. Carson)

In the “Daily Bible Reading” highlight on our home page you will find the assigned reading of the day and can link to the online devotional called For The Love of God, which is made available by the Gospel Coalition.

Watch the December 28, 2014 sermon by Jeff Lopez for motivation and equipping to be good soil in 2015 or go to the sermon page at the link below:

Being Good Soil

Below is a quick summary of the message by Jeff from Proverbs 2:

Being Good Soil

My Actions: (Found in vv. 1-4)

  1. Look or listen carefully to see clearly what is in God’s word
  2. Devote myself to understand truly what it says
  3. Seek the help of the Holy Spirit by persistent prayer and reliance upon God
  4. Make the pursuit of knowing God the highest pursuit of my life

God’s Response: (Found in vv. 5-15)

  1. He teaches me to submit my life to his rule and to have communion with him
  2. He transforms me… changing what my mind considers wisdom and what my heart delights in

The Outcome: (Found in vv. 16-22)

  1. I am delivered from the captivity of sin and death
  2. I am given the blessing of obedience and life