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January 3 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Genesis 3; Matthew 3


Genesis 3

God has seen fit in his wisdom and goodness to make Adam the federal representative for all mankind and here in this account of the fall, when Adam sins, I sin. Paul will detail this more clearly in Romans chapter 5:12-21, but surely I am grateful that he also allows Christ to represent me on the cross so that just as I gained guilt in Adam I gain righteousness in Christ! God’s sovereign plan for our redemption is amazing and it is glorious that sin is not so powerful as to be outside of his purposes. Surely if it had ultimately been in our best interest that we never know of God’s wrath and mercy, then the angel with the flaming sword would have been stationed at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from the beginning. May we take strength from knowing that the Lord is able to protect us from evil (Psalm 121:7) and that when he seems to allow evil to injure us, it is for the sake of his glory and our ultimate joy (Rom 5:2-5).


Matthew 3

The scene in the Jordan the day Jesus is baptized amazes me. Here we see the holy and blameless Son of God identifying with sinful man by submitting to a baptism of repentance when he surely had nothing to repent of. John saw the problem and tried to stop it, but our meek and humble King came to fulfill the will of his Father and he was determined to take our sin upon himself. This baptism seems to be a picture of his death at the hands of sinful man and his resurrection by the glory of God according to the Spirit of holiness (Rom 1:3-4). Indeed, there is an audible declaration made here by God just as Paul declares the actual resurrection to be God’s declaration of the identity of his Son. The trinity is there at the Jordan just as the entire Godhead is present in our salvation bringing us into union with Christ that we might be united in his death and in his resurrection…no longer united with Adam in the flesh (in Adam) but now united with Christ by his Spirit (in Christ). We see the reversal of the fall here in the Jordan! May we recognize Christ’s sacrifice in becoming man and may we joyfully experience union with him in death that we will truly live (Gal 2:20).


Soli Deo Gloria!