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January 6 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Genesis 6; Matthew 6


In Matthew 6 Jesus tells us we are to give from the heart, pray from the heart, fast from the heart, and we are to seek him with all our hearts, not money. We are not to be anxious about our needs being met because he is powerful, wise, and loving. Just as he cares for the rest of creation he is surely able to care for us. Matt 6:33 orients my world and gives me clarity regarding what the focus and goal of my life is meant to be. It is not meant to be the enjoying of the finest foods, nor the enjoying of the strongest drinks, nor the storing up of the finest clothes. It is not about retirement planning or vacations…this life is about knowing God and glorifying his Son. I am to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness first and foremost in this life and he promises that these others needs are known by my Father and will be added to me. Notice that he refers to “needs” in verse 32 and not “wants”.

Knowing that I may need things I am unaware of and recalling that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me when I do not know how to pray for myself (cf. Rom 8:26-28) in order that all things may work out for my good according to God’s plan, I need to have a category in my mind for martyred Christians and Christians in poverty and affliction. It may be that God does not always see a roof over my head as a need nor does he see a lifespan of 100 years perhaps as a need.

May we seek him hotly not for the gifts that we think he will shower upon us but may we seek him with hearts that value him more than anything life can offer of that death can take form us (Phil 1:21).


Soli Deo Gloria!