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January 24 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Genesis 25; Matthew 24

Today in Matthew 24 we hear Jesus begin to give hope and warning in his description of the end times. This teaching will continue into the next chapter, but today he focuses on reading the indications of the end times to discern the nearness of his coming (Matt 24:3-8) and also the inability to discern the specific time of his coming and the need, therefore, to be always ready (Matt 24:32-51).

In the middle of this account (Matt 24:9-31) Jesus tells us why this matters and how we will be impacted by these end times and how we will know that he has come. Jesus is clear that the ones who are not watching and waiting for his arrival…the ones who are not heeding his revelation will be taken by surprise and they will face the bitter side of his return. But the one who takes God at his word and heeds his revelation and is eagerly awaiting the coming of our blessed hope (cf. Titus 2:13) will receive the inheritance of the King if kings.

The warning is quite serious for the one who is disinterested in Christ and is looking to enjoy what this world has to offer, rather than doing the will of the master and eagerly awaiting his coming (cf. Heb 9:28). May we recognize the nearness of our coming hope and may we eagerly prepare and labor to bring others into the kingdom before the master arrives.

Soli Deo Gloria!