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February 20 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Exodus 3; Luke 6


There is a lot happening in Luke 6 but my thoughts settle upon the summarized Sermon on the Mount, loving our enemies, and the two analogies at the end of the chapter.

Where is our heart?

When Luke gives the abbreviated Sermon here he takes what Jesus taught contrasting how we see wealth, food, emotions, and self-esteem. Jesus teaches here that his children see all of these met in Jesus and they do not live in a way to serve these but rather they risk these things in the cause of Christ. Woe to the one who makes this life about getting and hanging on to these things. We know that he who seeks to gain this life will in the end lose it. Lord help us to value you and trust you and be satisfied in you so plainly that we do not live under a striving for riches or opulence or fun or self-exaltation.

How much is too much?

In the Wednesday Life Group the question came up about how much do we love and give and where do we draw the line in being taken advantage of. Luke 6:27-36 can be a good guide for us. I am not saying this is the only Scripture to consider so search for yourself and find direction from our rule of faith, God’s word, so that we might walk not leaning upon our own understanding but let us trust in the LORD.


Fruitful trees and strong houses…

A fruit tree serves its purpose when it bears fruit just as a house serves its purpose when it provides shelter. Jesus gives us these two analogies here and they are very similar but have some difference. The first is mostly about identity and it seems that there can be no fooling when the fruit tells the story. Our heart is known by the outflow of either love and the giving up of this life or of selfishness and the hoarding of what I can get from this life (see everything in Luke 6 from verse 20-42). So I can examine the fruit in my life to understand better where my heart is.

The second is about durability that comes not from what I add but from what I build upon. I think this helps me keep from thinking that when I look at the fruit and see a problem, that the answer is not in finding better fruit to hang from the tree. I do not get better building materials and change out floor joists for larger ones. Jesus gives a tremendous definition to the obedience of faith in Luke 6:46-47ff. Coming to Jesus…taking him at his word… and acting accordingly is the only foundation that is worth building upon! I can have a bullet proof house built with good works and all sorts of “good” things but if I do not meet with Jesus, hear what he has to say to me in his word, and then walk in obedience out of trust in him…my house will fall. Nothing can replace private devotion and seeking Jesus. Nothing can replace the riches of his word dwelling in me. Nothing can replace trusting in God.

My fruit will be mushy and my house will be weak if I am not coming to Jesus, taking him at his word, and acting in accordance with an ultimate trust in him.  I cannot fix bad fruit and I cannot fix a weak house. But God can make me a new creation and God can set me upon the rock. My identity and the foundation of my life can be new. I can trust him…it starts with looking to him and seeing what he has said.


Soli Deo Gloria!