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March 1 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Exodus 12:21-51; Luke 15


In Luke 15 today we see three related parables about lost things. One is a sheep, one is a coin, and one is a son. In each parable Jesus makes the point that God, and all of heaven, rejoices over the repentance of one sinner. In each case there is someone responsible for what is lost. A shepherd cares for the sheep and takes responsibility when one is lost. An owner of property takes responsibility when something goes missing. In these first parables we see the image of someone with authority and power over the lost thing coming to the rescue. Still Jesus uses the term repentance and likens these lost items to someone who realizes their sin and turns from it to God.

But a son is not a sheep or a coin. When a son goes missing the father waits and hopes. There is more mystery involved with our repentance than is seen in the finding of a sheep or a coin. The son in this parable comes to see his sin as sin while he is in the mire. God came upon him and gave him conviction and the son’s eyes were opened. Psalm 32:3-4 speaks of confession and repentance and explains the way sin eats at us and how God’s conviction can weigh heavy upon us. The remainder of Psalm 32 expresses the result of acknowledging our sin and being totally honest with God about our underlying rebellion and not just the actions we are guilty of. Like the prodigal son, God will instruct us and work in us a repentance when we trust him and acknowledge our need for his help…like the sheep and the coin needed help. And when we turn and run to him by his Spirit’s working of this repentance in us…he rejoices, as will we (Psalm 32:11).

Soli Deo Gloria!