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March 3 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Exodus 14; Luke 17


I see the Lord’s admonition to pay attention to myself here in this 17th chapter of Luke (Luke 17:3). Jesus seems to speak about our soberness of self consideration and how we ought not to presume that avoiding sin is praiseworthy anymore than we would praise a man for not shirking his duty in his employment.

The apostles felt they needed greater faith in order to simply be forgiving and Jesus levels with them plainly. He essentially tells them that they do not need more of the kind of faith that they have, but they only need an ounce of the right faith. Faith in God and not in themselves. The object of our faith is the most critical factor, not the intensity of it.

He moves on to a picture of ingratitude that captures the way right faith should drive us to Jesus. What would lead someone to continue on the way when they realize that they were healed as they traveled in accordance with the instructions Jesus gave them? The one stopped and ran back to Jesus in recognition of where this healing came from…that is to say, who was responsible for it.

Do you find it interesting that Jesus says it is “your faith” that makes them well but yet there is an expectation that they will praise and thank God for the “being made well”? I wonder, do we think that it is praiseworthy to believe God when he speaks or is it quite simply our duty? Is it sinful to not trust God or is it praiseworthy to trust him?

May we not fool ourselves into self praise and self exaltation but may we understand that the grace of God has come down and saved us. May we present ourselves to God, in gratitude, as one who has been brought from death to life (cf. Rom 6:13). May we not put faith in ourselves or our sin avoidance or in anything but only in Jesus and may this faith result in gratitude and worship of our great King.


Soli Deo Gloria!