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March 7 in God’s Word

Today in God’s Word

Exodus 18; Luke 21


Today Jethro, Moses’s father-in-law, helps Moses to see something important. For those that studied Taking God at His Word with us on Wednesday nights this might be more obvious, but through Jethro God teaches us here about the nature of inspiration and the clarity of Scripture.

Moses was an agent used by God to reveal himself to the children of Israel and to the modern reader as well, but Moses is not the only person who can interpret or understand this message from God. When God reveals himself and his plan there is no need for some exalted person to give us the real meaning just as there is no meaning that is outside of the text or outside of our reach. We do not have Moses or Paul or Peter with us today to tell us what they meant but God has not left us wandering in the dark. God has chosen to speak and to use words and sentences to communicate his identity and his will and he has given mankind the faculties to receive his message and to understand it. The Holy Spirit serves mightily here by opening our eyes to the truth and enabling us to perceive the truth and the value and the glory of God’s word.

Jethro urges Moses to train others and to let them lead in their own capacity so that Moses can do a better job of leading the whole nation. Similarly, we have a Pastor who leads Crossroad church but each member can look at the word of God and receive instruction and blessing directly from Scripture. We are blessed by the work of our Pastor in the preaching of the word but we can also lead and apply the word of God in our lives.

Home based small groups (called Life Groups) began last night at Crossroad and this is a setting where we can experience community and where we can minister to one another and where we can study and apply God’s word as we share life and connect under the leadership of someone appointed to tend to this smaller subset of the church. Jethro would approve…


Soli Deo Gloria!