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Two Ways to Glorify God

1 Corinthians 10:1-33

This rumination lab looks at Paul’s warning and exhortation to the Corinthians and we takeaway two ways in which all we do may glorify God both in the legitimate enjoyment of his gifts and in the sacrifice of our legitimate rights for the good of others in the cause of the gospel. What prize are we chasing…Protection of our rights or the glory of God?


Introduction  vv 1-5

  • Be aware of our propensity for idolatry

Warning  vv 6-22

  • Do not desire evil!
    • Lesson from the example of our fathers  vv6-13
      • Misplaced worship results in the demanding of rights
        • right to fulfill desires of the body
        • right to fulfill the desire for specific provision
        • right to fitful the desire for safety
    • Application vv 14-18
      • Flee from idolatry
    • Clarification  vv 19-22
      • Eating food is not the problem

Exhortation  vv 23-33

  • Do all to the glory of God!
    • Lesson from the shortsighted Corinthian motto “All things are lawful”
      • Enjoy legitimate gifts with gratitude, to his glory
      • But be ready to sacrifice perceived rights for the sake of others, to God’s glory and the salvation of souls

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