Wednesday Bible Study is in Galatians

How to Get the Most Out of Studying Your Bible

In an effort to sharpen one another in how to study the Scriptures effectively and faithfully, we are working from a whiteboard or video screen with a small portion of Scripture on it each week and we are slowly and carefully working through it together seeking to accomplish the following:

  1. See it clearly
  2. Understand it truly
  3. Value it appropriately
  4. Feel it fully
  5. Apply it joyfully
  6. Share it compassionately

This is a process of moving from the cognitive to the affective to the volative as we consider what we read. Get more details on this learning model HERE.

In order to do this we are using an inductive (or methodical) Bible study method that is currently available on our website under the resources menu. It is called “How to Get the Most Out of Studying Your Bible” and you can get it here.

In addition we reference some additional tools as we consider connector words in the text that help us to understand how propositions (or statements) in paragraphs relate to one another. We refer to 18 logical relationships and examples of English conjunctions.

Please download and print these resources and come prepared to reference them and make use of them during our study. You will not be asked to do anything more than offer your observations and thoughts regarding the text as we look at it together. Our process is not be so rigid that we cannot have free discussion and we favor fruitful interaction with the text over the specific study method when appropriate.

We are currently in The Letter of Paul to the Galatians. Get the outline and schedule here.