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Why Fully Human?

From Today in the Word

2 Kings 20; Heb 2

Jesus being fully God from all eternity took on human nature at the incarnation where the Holy Spirit generated a human soul and body for the Son of God in the womb of Mary. Jesus would inherit humanity in fullness but not a sin nature, thanks to this miracle whereby the Spirit of Holiness directly superintended the immaculate conception. But in the end what is all the humanness about? Theologians debated the humanity vs the divinity of Christ long ago and it took a Council at Nicea in the year 325 A.D. to get the church on the same page with how we clearly represent the biblical teaching of this dual nature of Christ.

In our reading today Hebrews chapter two presents important details that make it clear why Jesus took on humanity. Note especially Heb 2:9, Heb 2:11, and Heb 2:14-18.

Heb 2:9- God cannot die so Jesus took on humanity in order that he could die. However, this death would not be the individual kind of death we will die but in his case he would “taste death for everyone”.

Heb 2:11- Jesus became our brother and he grew in obedience to the Father whom we also are united to and belong to thanks to our union with Christ. Jesus became the prototype of perfect humanity in perfect submission to the Father and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Heb 2:14- Jesus took on the same weaknesses we have and the same enemy we have in order to fight the battle for us not from a position of absolute power but from a state of weakness and dependence upon the Holy Spirit. This is our King!!!

Heb 2:15- Jesus became one whom death and sin would attempt to enslave but he conquered to free the slaves.

Heb 2:16- Jesus became a man in order that his help would be for man. He needed to represent us and to be one of us in order to take on our fight and to help us.

Heb 2:17- He had to take on all our weaknesses and all of our humanity (perfect humanity that is, which excluded a sin nature). Like Adam, Jesus had no sin when he entered the world and unlike Adam, he would trust God and demonstrate the obedience of faith. He would become our priest, or spiritual representative unto God, to mediate for us in the very presence of God like the Jewish high priest did for Israel. This priesthood would be to decisively set God’s favor upon us who are united to Christ by faith…he would be our propitiation.

Heb 2:18- He suffered the same type of temptations we do and he endured them not by divine power but as a man he endured them by the same tools he gives to us. By the power of the Spirit and in dependence upon the word of God. So our priest, our brother, knows what we suffer and is there to help us to be faithful and to trust God always.

Soli Deo Gloria!