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God’s Sovereignty Empowers our Freedom in Christ

I am called to act the miracle that God is working

This eighth chapter of Romans has been often referred to as the Great Eight and may well be the greatest single chapter in the Bible. One way of reflecting on this chapter is to notice how God’s guarantee that he will finish what he has begun in the believer does not take away their responsibility to walk uprightly in his presence but it empowers their freedom to do it.

We are powerless against the condemnation of the law, but the work of Christ has set us free…not free to sin, but free to obey! The Spirit of life who indwells us leads us into submission to God’s law and he brings us life and peace (Rom 8:1-8).

We are initially dead and outside of communion with God in our fallen flesh, but the Spirit of Christ has come to reside in those whom trust in him and we are made alive and we have communion with God by his Spirit (Rom 8:9-11).

Because we have been set free and because we have been brought into communion with God, we are indebted to the rest of creation, which longs for freedom from the curse…this includes all of our fellow man as well as the earth and the entire universe (Rom 8:12-25). We are adopted sons and fellow heirs with Christ and we evidence this of ourselves when we willingly suffer with Christ for his cause in this life. We are set free to suffer!

Even our suffering and all that we experience is intended for our good. We know that all works out for our good in being conformed to the image of Christ for this reason- the Spirit prays for us according to the will of the Father (Rom 8:26-30). He has a purpose that he set upon us from eternity past and he will accomplish it! His sovereign rule in our lives does not remove suffering…it does not remove a call to obedience…it does not relieve us of debt to our fellow man…this sovereign rule of God empowers us and calls us and transforms us to live by his Spirit.

So what or who can be against us? Indeed…

Soli Deo Gloria!