Senior Pastor Candidate to be Recommended!

The Search Committee Recommends a Pastor Next Week!

On May 1st the Pastor Search Committee will be announcing their unanimous recommendation of a candidate to be presented as our new senior pastor.  As a part of that announcement there will be need for the Crossroad members to vote on a proposed Financial and benefit package for this candidate.

Per the Crossroad Church by-laws, the chairman of deacons has the authority to schedule a special called business meeting.  The only requirement for scheduling this meeting is that a one week notice be given and the agenda be announced.  Therefore, this announcement is to let you know that a special called business meeting will take place on Sunday, May 1, 2016 solely for the purpose of discussion and casting a vote on the proposed financial & benefit package for this candidate.

At the Pastor Search Committee’s announcement next week you will have time to ask them questions about the candidate, their process of finding the candidate, and questions about the financial & benefit packages which have been prepared by the Stewardship & Personnel Teams respectively.

This announcement satisfies the by-laws’ requirements for calling a special called business meeting for May 1, 2016.

Copies of the proposed senior pastor job description, financial & benefit packages were provided in the foyer for review and to pray over before next week.