What Do You Value?

What Do You Value?

Matt 26-14-16

What we do with or for earthly treasures can reveal our devotion to Christ or our rejection of Christ. In Matt 26 this statement about Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver is set just after the description of the woman who poured expensive ointment on Jesus (see Matt 26:6-13). The people challenged Jesus on this and said she was wasting something valuable. Wow! Are you kidding me!! Who was wasting something valuable?

Christ is our greatest treasure and we cannot possibly spend too much in devotion to him. We cannot possibly devote too much of ourselves and our resources in honoring him. Failing to see him and seek him as this greatest treasure is the waste of infinite value. Yet, we are tempted by the treasures that this life offers to abandon (or at least sideline) Christ and to choose the gifts over the giver. Judas betrayed Jesus for some coins. How tragic…The woman worshiped him with her earthly treasure…evidencing that Jesus was her real treasure.

What is ours?