A Series from Exodus

Exodus Series

In the book of Exodus we pickup the story of the children of Israel in Egypt as their rescue from famine eventually becomes the prophesied 400 years of affliction after Joseph dies and the Egyptians fear the growing people of Israel.

Pastor David will guide us through 40 chapters of narrative about the 70 people who enter Egypt needing rescue and the nation that God leads out under the leadership of Moses to meet their God at Mount Sinai. This book explains how God revealed himself and continually delivered his people according to his great plan of salvation.

The theme of deliverance from captivity weaves through the entire Bible and we see this message loud and clear in Exodus. Listen and watch for the echo of Jesus in the pages of this narrative and look forward to our own final deliverance…

Join us Sundays at 10:30am as Pastor David Powell preaches through Exodus.