Monthly Wednesday Family Nights!

Wednesday Family Night on the 1st Wednesday of Every Month

Join us for Family Nights!On the first Wednesday of every month, we start family night with a meal ( $2 for adults, children free). Then, our children and adult studies start at 6:30pm. All classes will be let out at 7:30pm so children can get home and to bed early.

I am also excited to tell you that Leora Shaffer teaches a Family Night Bible study starting at 6:30pm… The study is entitled: “CALM MY ANXIOUS HEART” by Linda Dillow. There is a sign up sheet in the foyer ladies for this class. There is also a book and optional journal for this study. If you cannot afford this book, please sign up anyway and the church will cover the cost. Ladies, we want you there!!! For those who are currently in the Pastor’s Revelation study, feel free to sign up for the ladies class if you wish. (It is not problem with me! you won’t hurt my feelings!)

The children can participate in TEAMKIDS under the leadership of Debbie Hone and Thanice Epps. Please pray for these ladies as they serve  our children each week. If you are a member and would like to assist them, please let me know and I will connect you to them, or just see them yourselves…