Small Groups @ Crossroad Church


What is a Small Group?

Small Groups are a place where we learn more about Jesus and how that translates into living life as one of His followers.  They are a place for us to grapple with the inexhaustible truths of the Bible to inspire and encourage each other to take hold of all that God has intended for our good.

Life Groups are offered at Crossroad Church and meet either in homes or at the church.  These groups discuss the previous sermon and work to apply God’s word to our lives. Small Groups enjoy friendship, Bible study, accountability, encouragement, prayer, laughter and fun.  Sharing life together through Small Groups is an integral expression of the mission and future of Crossroad Church.

Sunday Bible Study is also a small group format that we offer during the 9:00am hour on Sundays before the 10:30am worship service. In this setting the classes walk through LifeWay curriculum and discuss the riches of the Bible. These classes are organized by age groups.


Why should I be a part of a Small Group?

God has made every person with needs for friendship and meaningful personal relationships with others as well as a relationship with Himself-God the Creator.  In these days in which we live, it is so easy to attempt the journey alone.  This leads to isolation and we suffer from challenges and failures of the complicated pace of the 21st century culture.  Sharing life together through a Small Group is a place where we can build-up one another through the trials and joys of life.


How can I become a part of a Small Group?

The best way to get into a small group is to sign-up on our web site at one of the links below:

Life Group

Sunday Bible Study