Who is preaching? And what is the text or topic?

We value expository preaching at Crossroad Church. This means that the point of the text will be the point of the sermon. Generally, our sermons also follow the Crossroad Reading Plan

This means that the sermon will cover what we have all been reading recently in our private devotions and the series is called “Being Good Soil”. Blanks in the schedule will be filled in once the preacher selects the specific text (from the reading plan) that he will cover.

Occasionally the preacher may choose to give a topical message or a special series that does not coincide with the reading plan but this is rare.

This plan may be altered from time to time but we hope this will be useful for you as you invite friends and family to join you at church. Click on the sermon title to view the past sermon or to see a preview of the next one!

Date Preacher Text Theme
10/11 Dr. Paul Kelly Col 1:13-29 Reconciled: The Eternal Transfer
10/18 Nathan Wilson Col 3:1-17 Living a Life Redeemed
10/25 Jeff Lopez 1 Tim 1:1-20 Guarding the Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God
11/01 Jeff Lopez 2 Tim 1:1-2:10 Advancing the Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God
11/08 Nathan Wilson 2 Kings 15-21 A Lesson from Kings
11/15 Dr. Mike Proud  Heb 10:19-25 We are Better Together
11/22 Dr. Paul Kelly Rom 5:5-11 Thankful for What?
11/29 Nathan Wilson Col 1:24-29 Advent: Christ Our Hope
12/06 Nathan Wilson Rom 5:1-11 Advent: Christ Our Peace
12/13 Dr. Mike Proud Luke 19:1-10 Advent: The Joy of Another Chance
12/20 Nathan Wilson John 3:16-21 Advent: The Love of God in Christ
12/24 Jeff Lopez TBD The Long Anticipated Christ
12/27 Jeff Lopez TBD Living Between Advents