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Thankful For What?

Thankful for What?

One hundred and two weary pilgrims climbed from the Mayflower to Plymouth rock. They were English Separatists who came to America to escape persecution and find a better life. The 1621 winter was harsh and took the lives of 46 of the company. Without the aid of native peoples, the entire party would have perished. But the harsh winter was followed by a bountiful year. After the harvest, the settlers gathered for a three-day feast to give thanks to God. Of course, they invited their native friends. Despite their great losses, they sensed a need for gratitude to God for his provision.

The Bible calls us to be thankful to God (Ps. 107; Eph. 5:20). Soon, we gather for a national day of thanksgiving. But how can we be thankful when we are so aware of personal loss? Next week we will focus on what true gratitude to God means.